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  • The tuition for each course is $150. (not including texts).
  • The tuition for each year would be $750 (part time)                    or $1500 (fulltime). (not including texts).
  • The tuition for each 20 course / 60 credit module is $3000.       (not including texts).
  • Tuition for each course is due by the day the course begins.


A two-part payment plan is available if requested whereby 50% tuition is due the first day of the 1st class and the remaining 50% balance is due on the day of the 4th class.


 Tuition Refunds / Course Drops

Courses dropped are subject to the following refund schedules, which govern the prorated cancellation of tuition charges in cases of program adjustment or withdrawal.


On or before the 1st class: 80%
On or before the 2nd class: 60%
On or before the 3rd class: 40%
On or before the 4th class: 25%
After the 4th class: none






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